Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something Different

This is a little different type of doodle that I am use to doing. I was given a pad of black paper used mostly more charcoal drawings. I then used a silver sharpie, Much different than the other sharpies that I use. The ink in this Sharpie is more like paint.... Sort of. They are used often time for autographing sports memorabilia.

Well when you put the silver sharpie on the black paper you get this! I have had a lot of fun trying our new things with the artform that I call Line Doodling. I hope you all enjoy, and you will probably see some more balck and silver doodles as the days go by.

12x12 Strathmore 100% cotton paper with silver sharpie.
(note: this is not the entire doodle, as it was too large for my scanner)


1 comment:

  1. Joe Ringness. I could tell it was different from the first look at it but its still good and looks great with silver.