Thursday, December 2, 2010

New and Old

 It has been a while since I have have completed some doodles...  until know that is!  While some these have been done for some time, others of these are brand new!  I have been busy recently designing some tattoos for some people the first

 This tattoo was designed for my sister-in-law.  There are many different forms of symbolism, from the pea's, to the lady bugs to the dates in the vines.  Can't wait to see finished result!

I was asked by a friend to put together a celtic design including his family initials.  I put together a couple different options for him, and look forward to seeing the tattoo which ever design he chooses.

I drew this eye back in 2008.  Since I work an Eye Department, I was inspired to learn how to draw an eye. Oddly enough I have not drawn an eye since.

This was drawn to be potential logo.  Hopefully it will be able to be used at some point

This is my most current work.  I started it yesterday, and was able to complete it this evening.  I did not doodle anything specific in this doodle.  I think that allows the imagination to see what ever it wants.  The evening while I was sitting at the table with my daughter, she saw watched me working on this doodle and said, "Your doodling daddy?  Your making fires! Your doing a good job daddy!"  I have her approval!

Hope you enjoyed some my recent doodles!   AP